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 Us captured by Samm Blake x

Us captured by Samm Blake x

Today, I’m sure I’m the proudest person on the planet.

Most of you probably already know Anthony. The guy I keep posting NYC photos of on my Insta [and the guy I'm basically married too because we've been engaged so long #toobusy #stillhaventsetadate]

Well, today was Anthony's very last day of shift work as he said goodbye to Sunmetals. And today - I’m totally going to write a giant post about why I’m the proudest, because he deserves every word of it. 

For the past two years, Ant has been working harder than anyone I’ve known, and for those who know us well, you’ll know why we’ve felt like sliding doors for the past two years as well. 

When we built our home a few years ago, I knew Ant got right into it. Homes, property - all of it kind of excited him more than tacos & buffets (which at this point I knew was kind of a big deal). He’s also known he’s loved numbers - and I’ve always known he’s been good at them.

Ant was the fork in the road for me; he was the the guy who gave me the little push I needed to take (what seemed like) a wild leap of faith to do what I love by leaving the ordinary to tackle my own thing. And today (totally pinching myself it’s nearly 4 years on) he’s just as much my selfless cheer squad and believes in me sometimes more than I think myself, and just as much as he did from day one. Needless to say - he’s been there through all the up’s and down’s of self employment, which is easy to think from the outside there’s more up’s then downs. 

Fast forward a little, and after many books, chance meetings and world-aligning kinda moments, I knew ant had found something he would enjoy that was way left-of-centre of the creative bubble I’m used too. He just needed a push like he gave me, really! 

In one of those chance meetings, I know Ant left with finding out about this guy named ‘Ruan’, who seemed to pop in conversation quite a bit. So I googled him, and realised he was awarded the best in the country at this ‘homes & numbers thing’ - Mortgage Broking.

When I googled him, his page said "To know how to do something well is to enjoy it." - so I knew then that he might be the type of guy who might be able to give Ant a bit of a push he gave me.

So, I booked Ant on surprise flight to Brisbane to meet with him. I totally cold called Ruan - he didn’t answer (not surprisingly!). So I sent him an email explaining how Ant had helped me do my own thing, and I hoped in some small crazy way I could return the favour by pointing him in the right direction to doing something he loves. So, I asked if he’d spare 5 minutes of his time to catch up with Ant to pass on some advice if I could get him there (I thought I was pretty ballsy asking for that alone!) and, to my surprise he was beyond happy too.

5 minutes turned into 3 hours; Ant calls me. I was full-blown-ugly-cry kinda mess [as I have been today!]. Ruan saw something in Ant I always seen in him. A big heart and a crazy unwavering willingness to learn and and grow as a person. So, with that said - that moment, on that day - Ruan put a plan in place to mentor Anthony over 2 years, with the eventual goal to launch his brand for Ant to man the fort of in Townsville. We still have that piece of paper with that plan - and we’ll forever be grateful to Ruan and his family. That alone I could write a whole post about. 

For us, the plan meant two years of sliding doors since. Anthony would head to work for 4 days of shift work, and on the ‘4 days off’ he’s been flying back and forwards to Brisbane, or working from home. It’s been crazy juggling seeing each other, but it’s all totally worth it. Ant will be doing something he loves, and more importantly than anything else, helping other people save a little so they can put it towards something awesome. I've always known Ant’s had a kind heart - but I knew it even more when his ‘homes & numbers’ thing become a people thing.

So today - Ant finished at Sun Metals. Tomorrow, he’s starting his life as a Mortgage Broker. And, he’ll be running the fort for Time Home Loans Townsville.

So, apologies for the humungo post, but I wanted to share a bit of Ant’s story. And, SBCC is built on stories; I'm a real person behind it and I kind of leave and breath what I do. Ant, as you've probably realised by reading this, is a huge part of why SBCC exsists. I’m so, so, so beyond proud and so humble to be where we both are in our lives. And, a little excited. A. Because we get to see each other more (even if we’re both working more!) and B. because we might actually find some routine; hello Taco Tuesday night. We're going to tackle this thing together!

SB x

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